Originally published in The Citizen’s Voice By DENISE ALLABAUGH


WILKES-BARRE — Artist Leigh Pawling of Dallas just completed a 40-foot by 14-foot mural on the Wet Paint Printing + Design building at 152 Horton St. that has brought “ART” to South Wilkes-Barre.

The mural pays homage to top artists with the “A” featuring art by Keith Haring, the “R” by Andy Warhol and the “T” by Roy Lichtenstein.

Stephen Taren, the owner of Wet Paint, came to Pawling three months ago with the idea to give ode to the pop artist movement by painting the word “ART” in all capital letters.

The mural also features two boys on 1970s banana bikes looking up at Mary Poppins.

Adding Mary Poppins was Taren’s idea. He said it was the first movie that made him cry.

“These murals make me happy and the neighborhood loves them,” Taren said.

The mural also features a young couple cuddling, cats, dogs and “spontaneity to allow for art in progress,” Pawling said.

The idea was to show “art in progress” with the artist on scaffolding creating with supplies around the scene, she said. Cardinals were added at the end to represent their mothers who died.

Pawling said she has been painting the mural for the last month and many people in the neighborhood have appreciated it and offered positive comments.

“Every single person who walked by was really excited about what was happening,” she said. “People were coming and getting their picture taken in front of the mural.”

The mural marks the eighth project Pawling and Taren have done together and she said it is “not the last.”