A free program that engages caregivers, care recipients, and older adults with professional artists to discover new, creative ideas and ways of thinking.

No experience needed

All skill levels are welcome.

Research has shown that arts learning stimulates cognitive capacities in the brain. As humans age, they require a significant level of cognitive stimulation which enables them to engage their critical and creative thinking skills. Feelings of social isolation and loneliness have shown to diminish while emotional health strengthened after older adults participate in arts learning activities. No prior experience in the arts is needed in order to participate. Our artists/educators are experts in developing the talents of all ages and abilities. It is the intention of Arts for Life to increase the quality of life for senior citizens in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Friday 10:00 am

Caregivers & Care Recipients

This session is designed for caregivers and care recipients to work together in creative arts led by a professional artist.

Enroll at United Neighborhood Centers Oppenheim Healthy Aging Campus

570-346-6203 ext. 111

Arts for LifeĀ© is supported by the Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, aie NEPA, the arts education program of the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit, and Broadway Theatre of Northeastern Pennsylvania. All programming costs are paid for through grants from Lackawanna County, the Scranton Area Foundation, the Willary Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.