Leigh Pawling

Visual Arts – Painter




I am a painting and drawing teacher. I teach color mixing by understanding the color wheel, technique, and art history with an emphasis on the creative process. I love drawing and teaching the importance of learning how to see as the first step to any creative process. The students are able to see the process beginning with an idea and ending with a finished painting and or drawing.

The principles and elements of art are naturally intertwined with the project determined with the teacher.   Many schools opt to do a mural which allows kids to see and learn the history of mural making, brainstorming to come up with a theme, developing the idea using a sketchbook.  Also, research is done with the computer to find images and, if more advanced student, to do design. The students see the steps of figuring out size, learn about proportion, the different materials to paint on, priming the surface, grid-ding or projecting image, painting image, and adhering image to wall if not painted directly to wall.

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