Sarah Stachura Regan

Writer • Director • Jewelry Designer

Sarah Stachura Regan lives and works in Northeast Pennsylvania. She strives to make her community a better place through art. Her unconventional career path has provided her with a wealth of experience in administration, leadership, and communication.

She has been a member of The New Vintage Ensemble, a Scranton-based actors’ collective, since 2014. She has spearheaded several writing projects, produced original work, and has served as director for various productions throughout the region. She has also created kid-friendly literature and illustrations for various local organizations.

Sarah also loves traveling, the outdoors, crafts, sewing, and jewelry-making. Her online store, Hi Lovey Handmade, features handcrafted resin jewelry and household goods. Some of her work is available for sale at AfA Gallery in Scranton. She resides in Jermyn with her husband, Brendan and their rambunctious Labrador Retriever, Normie. 

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