Jennifer Hill

Interdisciplinary (Movement/Creative Writing)

Questions are more important to me than answers, and the most important question as I create and teach is “What if?” Curiosity is key, and I encourage students to explore, ask questions, and discover. Much of my personal work and growth as a circus artist and poet has come from asking myself “what if?” and trying an idea, studying with those who know way more than I do, finding inspiration in the enthusiasm of students, testing out newfound knowledge, combining different forms, and allowing (even inviting!) myself to fail. Failure is a gift in the learning process.

Whether it is circus, movement theatre, poetry, or combinations of those forms, I help students of all ages create and identify images, characters, settings, and sometimes entire stories through connections between the written word, spoken word, and movement. I support students in their discovery of skills, and mastery of a craft through practice. We work toward moments of revelation, emotional connection and a sense of wonder and curiosity for the content we’re studying, gaining self-confidence through newfound skills, and a sense of belonging through collaboration. We celebrate every step of the way together.

Jennifer is a multidisciplinary artist who works in circus arts (multi hoop performance), clowning, and theatre, and she is a published poet. She’s been a rostered teaching artist for 22 years. You may find some of her work and her resume online at

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