Conor McGuigan

Actor • Writer

Conor McGuigan is an actor, artist, and writer from Scranton. He has performed for over 20 years in Northeastern PA and New York. He has also been a teacher with Arts Alive , Arts Save as well as helming several children’s theatre camps and productions. He owned and operated his own art gallery and performance space, Test Pattern, for several years. He has written and staged several of his own works ranging from the avant-garde to musicals.

When it comes to the classroom he teaches the children that a theatre can be born from any location. He believes in encouraging the children’s creativity to produce artistic works as a supportive group.”

“I want the students to learn that creativity can begin right in their seats. Through imagination the classroom and it’s everyday contents can become an artistic space.

When I teach theatre or writing I believe in establishing a healthy supportive  process. I want the students to share their ideas with each other culminating in true group work.”

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